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Deep Water Class 12 Summary (William Douglas) Chapter 03 | Education Flare

Deep Water Class 12 Summary (William Douglas) Chapter 03 | Education Flare.

  'Deep Water Class 12 Summary'

 Deep Water Class 12 Summary :

"All we have to fear is fear it self. "
-"Deep Water" 
- 'William Douglas'

     The story "Deep Water" has been taken from the author's autobiography of 'Men and Mountains.' In this he tells about his fear of water and how he come out of that with willpower and determination.

     When he was a child he went to California beach with his father and got scared by hug see waves later when he was 11 years old he wanted to learn swimming at YMCA pool. But there a boy pushed him at the deeper side of the pool and he experience death there. So he stayed away from water for many years and activities like fishing, swimming, etc.

      But now again he motivated himself to conquer the fear with the help of an instructor the instructor took him to a pull and tide a belt around is wrist. Slowly the writer was able to learn swimming. But he was still a from that if he went to any lake or river he would not be able to swim.
       He went to a lake and then a river to face the fear and asked himself.

"What you can really do to me fear" and ultimately he conquered his fear of water.

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